If you work in healthcare, as a marketer or anything else, you’ve undoubtedly heard something along these lines: “This is healthcare. Things take a long time to change in this industry.” In general, this is absolutely true. Healthcare companies have long feared change, and that fear is reflected in virtually all aspects of a typical organization’s marketing strategy. For decades, the healthcare race’s pace has been set extremely slow. Things are shifting, fortunately, but that movement is long overdue.

What I’ve come to realize is that this reality, which I once considered detrimental to my organization’s ability to market successfully, is actually an amazing opportunity. With the pack running at a snail’s pace, it’s certainly possible to stay alive, or even thrive, just by doing things incrementally better than the other guys. That’s where the majority of marketing professionals set their sights, because it’s easy and relatively effective. What I find myself wondering, however, is exactly how much it’s possible to run ahead by forgetting about the rest of the pack and moving as fast as possible.

At Reliant, we’re working hard to step out of the “this is healthcare” box. We’ve started to actively pursue marketing tactics that have been overlooked in the past because they aren’t “standard practice” for companies like ours. We’re beginning to open our eyes to strategies that work in other industries. We’ve shifted our focus from simply winning, to winning by a mile, and we’re already seeing results.

So, healthcare marketers, this begs the question: What is holding your company back?

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