Yesterday, after spending a few days in Tampa, Florida to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws, I hopped on a plane bright and early to make it back to work for a video project we had scheduled a few months in advance. My flight was on time, the shoot went well, and I was just leaving my office for the day when I called down to Florida to check in on the girls (who were supposed to fly back tomorrow). After a bunch of dropped calls and bad reception, I finally got this picture from Sarah:


Sarah had taken Alex ice skating at the Countryside Mall in Clearwater, Florida, and she fell and broke her leg. That’s right, folks: My kid traveled 1200 miles from Auburn, Massachusetts to Tampa, Florida to break her leg ice skating. Anyway, it’ll be a few days before we know what happens next, and find out when they can come home. It looks like I may need to make a family retrieval mission to Tampa at some point over the next few days. For right now, though, I’m just missing my girls.

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