“This is Healthcare” is an Opportunity, Not an Excuse

If you work in healthcare, as a marketer or anything else, you’ve undoubtedly heard something along these lines: “This is healthcare. Things take a long time to change in this industry.” In general, this is absolutely true. Healthcare companies have long feared change, and that fear is reflected in virtually all aspects of a typical organization’s marketing strategy. For decades, the healthcare race’s pace has been set extremely slow. Things are shifting, fortunately, but that movement is long overdue.

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An Unlikely Passion for Healthcare

“There’s a job in the marketing department at Fallon. You should send in an application.”

Those words, uttered by my mother, seemed harmless enough. I pondered what I had to lose by submitting my resume, and came up empty. Besides, it was unlikely that I’d hear anything. Fallon Clinic was a big company, after all, and I had zero experience working within companies of that size. I was just a freelancer from Tampa. My skills matched up with the job description quite well, but I figured I would be overlooked. It turned out that I was wrong.

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Photographing Physicians for Print Advertising: Reliant Medical Group in Holden

As a member of Reliant Medical Group’s marketing team, I can be on photography or video assignments for the company several times each week.  This one was something special, though.  After many months of planning, this group photo marked the opening of our new location on Boyden Road in Holden.  We’ll be using this photo as part of an advertising campaign to promote our new facility.

Executive Portraits with Dr. Armin Ernst, CEO of Reliant Medical Group

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Dr. Armin Ernst, Reliant Medical Group’s new President and Chief Executive Officer. In the past, the company hired external photographers to handle the portrait photography for our executive team. We decided to handle it internally this time around, and I set up Dr. Ernst’s session in our own boardroom. Here are my favorites from my session with Dr. Ernst: