“This is Healthcare” is an Opportunity, Not an Excuse

If you work in healthcare, as a marketer or anything else, you’ve undoubtedly heard something along these lines: “This is healthcare. Things take a long time to change in this industry.” In general, this is absolutely true. Healthcare companies have long feared change, and that fear is reflected in virtually all aspects of a typical organization’s marketing strategy. For decades, the healthcare race’s pace has been set extremely slow. Things are shifting, fortunately, but that movement is long overdue.

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An Unlikely Passion for Healthcare

“There’s a job in the marketing department at Fallon. You should send in an application.”

Those words, uttered by my mother, seemed harmless enough. I pondered what I had to lose by submitting my resume, and came up empty. Besides, it was unlikely that I’d hear anything. Fallon Clinic was a big company, after all, and I had zero experience working within companies of that size. I was just a freelancer from Tampa. My skills matched up with the job description quite well, but I figured I would be overlooked. It turned out that I was wrong.

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